A million and one people will disagree with me, but SEO died this year. Search Engine Optimisation may still exist in some form, but it is a world away from what most ‘experts’ are still doing to this day. Over the last couple of years, SEO has been taking it’s last few breaths but now it’s gone, SEO consultants aren’t out of a job quite yet, a brief job description change and everyone is back to work. SEO may be dead but Content Writing Optimisation (CWO) is all go go go.

Ok, that may not be the best term I’ve ever coined but I believe (and know) this is the direction sites need to head in order to rank well on Google. These days, no matter how many links you have from a myriad of sites, Google is putting less and less emphasis on these. The reason is, it is simply too easy for people and bots to create thousands upon thousands of very legitimate looking links but which are total spam. Google can weed out the good from the bad but as the blogosphere is dying links from sites mean very little these days anyway.

Have a think and consider where you come across the latest technology, the funniest youtube videos and the awesome new websites… I can tell you now it won’t be on blogs, or if it is, I bet it’s a small percentage of the overall number of sites you visit.

We are in the age of Social media, over a billion people have a Facebook account that should tell you everything there is to know. People can quickly and easily pass on information and links to their friends using social sites available today; Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linked-In, Pinterest and Reddit to name a few. To have people continuously sharing, liking, pinning and retweeting your sites content shows interest and engagement. Google has fully got behind this and are also monitoring activity on your sites Facebook, Twitter and Google + pages which will quietly affect your ranking also.

Luckily these days if you can make something informative, or incredibly funny on your website it can go viral, no matter what site you run, you are able to post it on Social Media and watch as the world shares it around the huge spiders web of Social Media at infinite speed. Unfortunately for website builders, this means having to provide the users quality and some meaningful content, rather than building a widespread link network. This is why I suggest from now on everyone should look into Content Writing Optimisation rather than Search Engine Optimisation. To expand briefly, web devs and SEO’ers need to improve the quality of the site and it’s content. Although keywords are important for search engines, the content should be aimed primarily for the user, it needs to be interesting and to be something they want to share and add value to their visit.

For Google and the web as a whole this is a bonus. This improves search results and provides us more relevant and interesting information. Search Engines can instantly recognise people are interested in your content because they are sharing it, so if someone searches a relevant string they will put more emphasis on your site and possibly provide them with the result.

This article may be a bit random and all over the place but I just wanted to try and get out there that SEO is dead, give up, it’s over. I speak to clients on daily basis who are struggling and killing their businesses in their valiant attempts, which are just money wasters. SEO was so 10 years ago and lets leave it like that, it may not be better for your bank account but it will force you to make relevant informative content that will improve the web as a whole, which can only be a good thing for everyone.

SEO is dead. Long live CWO!