Brandsumo first got an Oculus Rift DK1 just over a year ago, since then the DK2 has been released and between the two devices we have seen many great, and even more terrible games built for the rift. From wacky downhill sledging to Slender Man and a slew of racing games the crazy and brilliant ideas people have come up with have been very entertaining to try.

Online, games/experiences like Rift Coaster and LFS seem to be community favourites so far, which I go along with, the Rift is brilliant for any fixed seat gaming experience like roller coasters or racing games. Though there are others out there which provide a great experience too, and a new game I have just come across called ‘A Night at The Roculus’ may just be one of those.

The games features you sitting as a backseat passenger in a car and you have to follow directions to dance along to the music while your driven along. The game is fun though a bit crazy. Check out the video below and if you have a Rift, go download it!