Having a successful business and beating the competition is just as difficult online as it is in the real world. In business, owners want to do everything in their power to present a professional, yet friendly, persona to the public to garner the trust and interest of potential customers. It is quite common that if two different companies offer you the same products or services, the company that has the more friendly, and professional staff, while having a well laid out and visibly appealing store, will garner more business. Its counterpart, that may have disinterested staff that lack knowledge and common courtesy, along with a store that has no organisation, will lose business for those reasons.

In the world of eCommerce, customers have the same expectations when visiting business websites. They want a website that is visibly appealing, easy to navigate and understand. These same potential customers also want to know that if they are going to spend money on your company’s eCommerce website, that they can trust the individuals with whom they are conducting business by seeing obvious signs security is important.

Secure Personal Information

Any potential customer or client that comes to your eCommerce website wants to know that the safety and security of their identity and personal information is important to your company. They do not want to have to worry that their contact information: name, email address, residential address, and phone number, can be handed over to third parties. For this reason, it is important that your website has a privacy policy page, that explains why certain information is needed, where it is stored, and under what circumstances, if any, it will be shared.

Additional steps that you can take is to get a TRUSTe seal, this will show that you have high standards related to your privacy policy. This seal does need to be verified and updated on a regular basis to add to your websites’ credibility. Along with the privacy policy, it is important to incorporate privacy lines where important data is collected.

Examples of privacy lines could include:

”Your Privacy is Important to Us”

“We will never sell or share your personal data”

With just these steps, your potential eCommerce site customers will be more comfortable when it comes to sharing their personal information on your site.

Display Security Badges

In a day and age where identity theft is far too common, you need to reassure your potential customers that you know how essential it is to have security on your website. Not only do you need to have it, but you also need to display your security badges, so that visitors to your eCommerce site know you take protecting their data seriously. Many eCommerce sites not only display their security badges at checkout, but they also display them on the home page, this allows your customers to know their credit card, and other personal information is protected during not only the checkout process but also afterwards.

Pay special attention not to clutter your site with excessive security badges as fraudulent sites do this to misrepresent the trustworthiness of the site.

Contact Information, Guarantees, & Dealer Certificates

A few other factors that can help potential customers to your eCommerce site include some basics. When designing the layout of your website be sure that your customers can easily locate your contact information. This allows your customers the freedom easily to find a number to call, or a location to visit, should they need additional questions answered, or want to see the products you offer in person.

Guarantees are another item that you can incorporate and offer on your website to help your customers gain additional confidence in shopping with you, or hiring your services. With money back guarantees for example, your customers know that they can trust if something goes wrong with your products, they can receive a full or partial refund.

The final tip to incorporate into your eCommerce site is dealer seals or certificates that authorise you to sell the items you offer on your site. These seals will let customers know that they are purchasing genuine products and not cheap knock offs.

By following the above listed suggestions regarding the how to improve the credibility of your site and the proper display of your security badges, along with other tips, potential customers to your eCommerce website will know they are dealing with someone they can trust. They will be able to see that not only do you provide them with the goods and services they need, but also they can trust their information is always secure.