After the product trials and a number of other tests I did I decided to focus on the design of the front page of the site. I decided I wanted to make it as simple and as easy on the eye as possible by including no other colours than black and white in the design.

I create a test logo and made a thin header separating it from the rest of the page by a simple and clean drop shadow. The image below shows it but I reduced the actual width of the design so it would fit on the site and still be visible.

I then created a type of popup which will be shown when the users first visits the site to explain what the site is all about, I quickly wrote a little bit of rubbish to give a brief overview of the site. Once again the image has been edited so it works well on the blog.

Larger Screen Version:

Finally after using dropshadows for both the other boxes I didn’t want to use my previous product layouts I had designed as there would be a few too many dropshadows so I decided to create a wall of images as I want to create a nice simple and easy browsing experience for the users. Below are 2 drafts of what it could look like, the first is a smaller screen version and the second is what it would look like on a larger screen. Click on the images for the full size images.

Larger screen version: