I’m no stranger to Polyphasic Sleep, I have tried it in the past two times before. Both attempts were successful until about 4/5 weeks in when my schedule made it impossible to carry on. But here I am back once more to give it a try.

You may wonder why I am trying it again, well the answer is the Jawbone UP. For the last 10 days I have been using the up to track all my steps throughout the day and my sleep at night. It has been working well to wake me up in the morning at the best time during my lightest sleep.

When looking through the sleep logs today, I noticed one very consistent trend. As soon as I fell asleep I would go into a deep REM sleep within a few minutes. This was also the case during the times when I had woken up during the night, when I fell back to sleep I would go into a ‘Sound sleep’ (As Jawbone call it) within a few minutes. This got me thinking about polyphasic sleeping as the aim during your naps is to experience REM sleep instantly and wake up just as you come out of that into a lighter sleep, therefore getting all the benefits of a deep sleep without the wasted 2/3’s of sleep that doesn’t recharge your batteries quite the same.

The jawbone also has a very nice Power Nap feature, which works out from your sleep records how much sleep you need and wakes you up during the light stages of your sleep. With the Power Nap, you can also set a maximum time you can sleep before it will wake you up.

My plan over the next couple of days is to begin Polyphasic sleeping again with the help of the jawbone up waking me up at the best possible times during my core 3 hour sleep and also my 30 minute naps. Tonight I will have a fairly long 6 hour sleep, but not getting all the sleep I need in the hope that it will help me nap tomorrow. During tomorrow I will take 2 naps, rather then the normal 3. This again is conditioning, trying to get my body used to falling asleep fast and getting the needed REM sleep in short spaces of time. After the 2 naps tomorrow, tomorrow night will feature my first part of the polyphasic adventure. I will begin with a 3 hour core and 3 naps of 30 minutes during the day to fuel me.

After a week or so, these naps will be shortened to 20 minutes once my body has got used to the necessity to fall into deep sleep instantly. With my 3 hour core and 3 x 20 minute naps, I will be awake 4 extra hours a day allowing for a huge amount more productivity. With polyphasic sleeping every 7 days I will have an extra 28 awake hours in which to enjoy. I shall be keeping this blog updated every day in an attempt to keep me motivated and also as a good way to look back on my progress myself.