Further to the work I have been designing how I am going to layout the products I have been looking into other ways I can present more information about a product once a user clicks on it. One way I really like, which I find simple and is a nice little addition is the way Apple do it on their iPad App store. Once you click on a app, you get an overlay which gives you the app description, more images and the ability to purchase/install the app. It works well, looks nice and allows the user to do what they want to do quicker and easier so it is something I really want to consider for my own project.

Below are 2 screenshots showing how it is done on the Apple iPad App Store:

Another site which does a similar thing is Pintrest, once clicking on an image an overlay is shown which displays much more information, a screenshot of the overlay is below:

I have currently just done research looking at how I will display the products but I am going to start designing some test this week and really start to try and finish the whole idea, flow and design of the website within the next few weeks.