An introduction to Dropbox:

Most of you would have heard of Dropbox, but for those who have no idea of what Dropbox is and how it can be useful, fret not.

In short, Dropbox is a cloud storage service, started in 2008, which enables users to upload and access files across different platforms. There is nothing wrong in sending files over e-mail, but, for files that are larger than the permitted size, like videos, Dropbox is perfect. Apart from cloud storage, it also offers services like synchronisation, data backup and universal access. Files once synchronised can be accessed through other computers as well. Once you create a Dropbox account and upload files, you can login and download them from a different location, using a different computer. Dropbox is a cross-platform service and is accessible through all major smartphone and computer operating systems.

How Dropbox is different:

Dropbox is not your typical file storage service. It offers much more than that. A typical file storage site allows you to upload files and provides you with a link through which you can download the files. On the other hand, Dropbox allows you to synchronise files. As soon as you have put your file into Dropbox, the file is stored in your online Dropbox account. This allows you to download and view seamlessly no matter where you are. Another major advantage of Dropbox is that it backs up data and stores it in the cloud. It runs in the background and when you are connected to the net, it automatically updates the contents of your Dropbox and synchronises it. This means that you can retrieve a file after you have deleted it from your system.

This is of great help especially for those who create and distribute many files and inadvertently delete a few. The file, once placed into the local dropbox connects to the dropbox server which makes it accessible through their site. The storage offered by Dropbox is one of the largest among all cloud storage prviders. For a free account you can get 2 GB of storage. Paid accounts get 50 GB and 100 GB of storage, depending on the monthly price. Dropbox also allows you to access your system files through your mobile phone and vice versa. The software is available for free in all smartphone operating systems. You can place photos, videos, music and other files that you store in your mobile phone into the Dropbox, which can later be accessed through the web and downloaded onto your PC. This completely eliminates the need for a USB cable making the whole process quick and uncomplicated.

Dropbox for students:

Dropbox is being used increasingly across all industries, but, especially more so in the education sector. The services that it offers to students are immense. I do not exaggerate when i say that Dropbox has the ability to revolutionise the sector. Already, there are signs that Dropbox is increasingly being favoured in schools and colleges across the world.

Essays, homework, projects and lecture notes can all be sent and accessed with the help of a few clicks, using Dropbox. In more and more Unis, students are encouraged to submit their assignments/thesis through Dropbox. Teachers can then access those files, edit them, and send it back to the student or forward it to others. This is of great use for students who no longer need to carry pen drives stored with their work. Lecturers understand that students spend more time on their computers than at study tables these days, Using Dropbox, your essays can be written on your computer and finished on your uni’s computer. It also offers other indirect benefits to all students.

Dropbox is particularly useful for those who tend to forget a lot of things, like for instance, taking your memory stick with you at the last date of submission of an essay. And, if you do forget your work don’t worry as you can access your files easily through the Dropbox website using a computer from the library. Essentially, Dropbox is a fantastic tool for students and is the best thing to have happened for the education industry in a long time.

Dropbox for businesses:

Along with students, business owners too can benefit from Dropbox. The services offered by Dropbox are of great use for business owners and working people. Recognising this, Dropbox introduced the ‘Dropbox for teams’ service which generally lays more emphasis on joint usage and control. A dropbox team account offers an astonishing 1 terabyte of storage. It offers tools like administrative control, centralised billing and phone support, which are all essential for businesses. Using Dropbox, you can see the progress that your workers make and access them in an instant.

You do not need to send and receive e-mails asking for the latest update to a file. All files are uploaded and can be accessed centrally. You can also password-protect a file if the file is meant only for a certain group of people.This way, you can eliminate privacy concerns and not allow files to be accessed by everyone in the office. You can turn Dropbox into a conference room, with each worker updating and suggesting ideas which can be accessed centrally by the team leader. All updates take place instantly and can be accessed no matter where you are. Certain files or presentations which are too heavy cannot be sent over e-mail, but, through Dropbox they can be sent in a flash. Misplacing of files is a common occurrence bu with Dropbox, all files, no matter how old they are, can be accessed even after they have been deleted. Previous revisions of files can also be restored is you happen to save over a file.

All in all, Dropbox is a must-have software offering great benefits. So, you might as well go ahead and grab it and transform the way you work.

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