One of they key aspects of the site I have had so far is the fact that I want to keep the viewing experience over all devices as similar as possible. I also want you to be able to resize a pc browser and you to be able to experience the site in all different sizes without having to reload the page. One aspect which I have been thinking about after the first work on the site is how the menu will function on a mobile.

Due to it being a touch screen, I want all menu items to be as big as possible so they can be easily pressed without making a mistake. Currently, the menu I designed for the browser versions has quite small text links. These work well in a browser and are very easy to press but after some testing on a mobile, its not impossible but it does make it a little harder.

So I have been trying to create a new menu style for mobile users, which will work in the same way but is more optimized for mobile browsing. I have made a photoshop mockup which is displayed below, the next step is to create this in html and do some user testing on a number of devices including both iOS and Android phones to see how it will work.