Tiiny, the new app from Kevin Rose’s new start up North. The app allows you to post 214 x 214 pixel images or videos to your followers. The content you produce is deleted after 24 hours. Tiiny seems to grab ideas from Snapchat and Instagram with a few changes and package them together in a clean easy to use app which I really quite like.

You login with your Twitter account and it will automatically follow anyone you follow on Twitter who has it also. If you don’t already have me then make sure you follow me on both Twitter and Tiiny! @alexfrance. Numerous tech celebs have already been giving the new platform a go with Garyvee, aplusk and alexalbrecht to name a few.

The beauty of Tiiny is the simplicity in which you share content, one click takes the pic and shares it instantly to all your followers. If you follow a number of people, getting notification’s each time people take “tiiny’s” does get a bit annoying but the settings allow you easily to change that. One feature borrowed from instagram is the ability to double tap an image to heart it. The most hearted images of the day appear in a featured list showing what’s hot. How well the list will work going forward we will have to see, currently it is full of all Kevin’s pictures but over time I’m sure this will change though it may still be a list littered with celebs.

Over the next few days I will keep using the app and see how it evolves. Me and @geoffballington have already been trying a few little things as you can seen from the screenshot below:

Tiiny App Screenshot of @alexfrance and @geoffballington