Over the last week we have been set a uni task to create three A3 sized typography posters. The posters must only contain text, no images or other design at all, just type. We had three types of profile written about us from someone who knew us well, the types were: Personal, Professional and then an interview profile. So all three were different and had to contain exactly 50 words, no less, no more. So after the profiles were written I was quite impressed with all three of mine, on the whole they were good. Over the last week I have been working on some designs, and here are the final three that I am sticking with, I am quite impressed with all of them, less so for the professional one because the face didn’t come out as good as I was imagining. But on the whole, i’m still contempt with them.

Personal Profile:

Professional Profile:

Interview Profile:

Tell me what you think, any tips you could give? Anything that needs changing? get in touch.