I have just been having a quick play around with the new Windows 8 Developer Preview. This is basically a quick screenshot guide of what to expect when it is released in Autumn 2012. The build number of the Developer Preview I am using is build 8102.

The screenshot above is the new start menu, this is where the biggest change has been made. It very much reminds me of the Xbox 360 dashboard and what Microsoft are doing with their mobile OS. A lot of new features have been added but most of them are just little apps like the Stocks, Tweet@rama, News, Weather and Near Me applications. The stocks application, like the others, are very nice to the eye and to many people will be useful but its nothing new to get excited over. Tweet@rama is one of the prettiest twitter clients I have come across but so far I have found it’s a pain to use and the already existing ones work as well, if not better.

Microsoft have decided to keep up with the fast development of software and include an amazing rss reader to the start menu. unfortunately its no longer 2002 and nobody uses them anymore…

On to better things though the Weather app is very useful and it had nicely located me and was displaying information about my town when I first opened it. Same too was the Near Me app, although it didn’t find any ‘Adventure’ things to do near me it suggested lots of bars to go on nights out and incase I wanted to go sightseeing in the lovely town of Rochdale, the best places to go were a factory and a grammar school. But until somebody has tried it out in a better part of the world and shared the results I’ll let Microsoft off for that one.

Apart from a number of other apps that Microsoft have added to the start menu, the rest of the OS is very similar to Windows 7. I am running a dual screen setup and it work perfectly from the off. One nice thing Microsoft have added support for this time is a taskbar on both monitors. From the small amount of time I have been using it I do quite like it, I will carry on using it and add to this post or create a new one after I have used it for a week or two and gotten a better understanding of what its like and the changes Microsoft have made.